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This is the Pierce AG building from Space (icon) The white building off to the right is where most of the animals are that get taken care of during "kennel duty" the larger white rectangle to the left is full of chickens. The yard at the bottom is the beginning of the sheep & cattle pasture, and that road complex to the top is where most of the farm equipment goes in and out.

I'll be spending 4 days a week here. I could get a space shot of the cat clinic, but its not a very distinctive looking building from the roof.
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Just got a call from the DVM. My AS480 internship is now scheduled for every Tuesday & Saturday at the local clinic for the next 17 weeks.

A LOT more involved than the previous AS181 "work experience" class, this is going to involve a lot of real work and be full speed from the word go.

So for the next 17 weeks its school M-W-Th-F and Clinic Tu-S. Maybe Sunday for Sl and the usual visitors we have at our house.

Entering the home stretch. This is the last full semester.
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The first lab in Clinical Proceedures 1 was in giving a physical exam, so we all had to rush out and buy stethascopes. I got a Littman Classic II, about a midrange model.

I go through the entire semester thinking that I either have a defective model or more likely I'm going deaf. My fellow students, most of which are half my age, are having no trouble hearing anything, but I can't hear squat. On kittens it seemed to work OK but I assumed at the time it was because I love kittens and was just paying more attention...

Last class in Small Animal Nursing I was the class on Stethascopes, at which point I have to do a fancy report with facts & pictures and all that fluff.

I then discover I have gone through the entire semester with a PEDIATRIC model.
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Almost to the middle of the first senior semester. A quarter of the way through the year. Its really moving along.

This semester I'm in Animal Nursing 1 (410/411) Clinical Procedures 1 (420/421) Clinical Pathology (430/431) and Radiography (435/436). There are two class numbers because each of these has both a lab and lecture component. Added onto all that is a relatively brain dead (for me anyway) class on how to use Microsoft Office which is a graduation requirement. I call it a "Vanna White" class as I am essentially buying an A.

At the moment my GPA is 2.90, I had thought I had made a 3.0 but It turned out I got a B instead of an A in that 5 credit hour chemistry course. I should be able to get my GPA back up over 3.0 this semester. Its not that much of a reach from a 2.9, and it just sounds a lot better to have a "three something"
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I'm now about 1/3 of the way through the fall semester of the 2007 year, which means I'm almost halfway through the program. Its going so fast.

Its only been about a month since I started the real actual RVT courses, and I'm now in the thick of all the actual medical stuff. Hardest part for me is keeping the classes distinct from each other, since not only am I in four classes that are only taught by three instructors, but each class is further subdivided into a lecture portion and a lab portion. To further complicate things, the lab and lecture are not always taught in the same order. On Tuesday & Thursday, the lab is taught first with the lecture following later in the day. In one other case the lecture is taught first followed by the lab. In the last case, the lecture and lab are taught on different days of the week.

So I essentially have eight sets of class notes that are all tested separately from each other. Each lab has an associated "lab report" that has to be done every week. Its a 15 week semester, I will ultimately have written 60 of them by Christmas. On top of that I have:

1. Kennel Duty: Once a week I have to get up at 4:30 in the morning in order to go in and supervise a bunch of first year students doing kennel duty. This is actually a requirement for all four classes. I'm just glad I don't have to do it four times a week.

2. Senior Project: a huge not very well defined activity. In my case I was lucky enough to be the only guy in my particular lab with computer experience and so managed to snag the "computer guru" position. This involved getting our copy of Cornerstone 6.2 installed and working (this refurbished laptop I'm doing this on is better than any of he desktops the ag department has, which is sort of a problem) and then training my classmates on how to use it,

3. Journal Report: Worth a lot of points, it sounds like a glorified book report, so it will be a bunch of typing and not a lot of thought most likely

4. Lab Notebook: A bit tricky. This is supposed to be an accumulation of everything I encountered over the course of the year that I found noteworthy or useful accumulated in a folder that ultimately becomes 16% of my grade.

5. X-Ray Show & Tell: since the Cat Doctor does not see a lot of emergency cases with clearly defined bone problems, it may be yet another trick to get a good X-ray out of the place to use for this, but I have to try.
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Thursdays from now to the end of the year are now officially designated as X Ray Day. This is the day I have my Radiography class & lab. I should do well in this one.

The instructor was going over all of the various controls on the X ray equipment and a lot of the class looked lost. X ray equipment is, of course, nothing new to me, what mainly made it different was the ability to focus it (not new to anyone whos used a real film camera) and adjust the power settings (not new to anyone with a basic knowledge of what an Ampere is).

Whats really new to me to learn here is the positioning of animals to get various shots based on what you are trying to learn from the Xray. That and all of the record keeping.
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Thats how many I will have written by mid December. One from each lab, with four labs each week. True, these are not complicated documents, less than two full pages each, but the sheer volume of it is overwehelming.

I've discovered that precious few of the 27 current senior students are actually in all four of the senior class & lab combinations. Very few people take this two year degree on like its really a two year degree, just about all of them are doing it piece meal while working full time jobs.
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RVT school started back up today. I'm now in the actual senior level classes where I wear scrubs to school and learn the actual hands on serious medical stuff. The preliminary courses are over.
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I thought this place turned into a ghost town on Fridays during the regular semester...

The computer lab shuts down at noon, so I get pushed into the library. Usually a waiting line for computers, from noon to 2 on a Friday there is no wait, so this isn't too bad. Then at 2PM that too closes, and I get bounced out again to the one remaining place on campus with computers available, which is the campus snack bar.

Normally there is no way to get on one of the five terminals available in here as the place is crammed full, but at 2pm on Friday there are so few people left that the terminal to my right is even sitting idle with nobody to use it. I have to put up with blasting hip-hop, but its only the last 90 minutes while I wait for a bus, and only for five weeks, so its ok.
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There are two different Biology 3 classes during the summer, since the computer lab can only take 37 people. I was alternate six for the good schedule that met at the same time every day. Once again, being on the actual hardcopy alternate list was as good as actually having a slot, due to the fairly large number of no shows. The only people who got disappointed were the ones who were walk in adds, and even so about half of them got the class they wanted.

The rest got the afternoon lab, which means on alternate days they have class 8-12AM or 1-5PM. Try and plan any sort of life or job around that. Not popular at all. Would not have worked for me since 1-3PM for me is:

Health 11. Everyone else in this class is a third my age except for the instructor, who is about half. Looks like a real fun teacher though. I don't need this class to get into the senior program starting two months from now, but it is an eventual graduation requirement and this is where it conveniently fit in my schedule.

Five weeks of this, a two week break, then on to the actual real veterinary tech classes where I wear scrubs to school and finally start really doing the real hands on stuff.
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Two of the three tests I have before spring break are now out of the way. I'm maintaining an A in AS180, which was todays test. It's a 2 hour course, as opposed to the one I finished yesterday which is a just a single.

I redid the math and an A is not possible in 401. Its certainly a B.
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My AS401 final was Monday, and I'm 99% sure I finished with a B.

Chemistry midterm was yesterday, got a dissapointing 81 on the test due to a couple of really misleading questions, and I'm working on that, but I still have a solid A in the class overall, so I may not sweat it too much.

I got a 96 on the muscle test in AS512 today, but due to a brainlock on the preceding bone test, I that leaves me with an B average. I can maintain that, and quite frankly a B is just fine, as I'm not a pre-vet.

So Overall I go into Spring Break with a 3.27 GPA which suits my purposes just fine.
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Second of the three tests this week was yesterday. I have a fairly solid A in ths course, and I'm maintainign that, so no worries here.

Today will be flat ass miserable, and there is nothing I can do about it. Not only do I have the most difficult test of the three, but today I do more outside walking than any other day, and its pouring rain.
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And I predict a B.

The Final was worth 70 points - I needed at least 65 to get an A in the course. I know I blew at least one 2 point question, and I think it rather unlikely that in all the rest of that medical terminology I didn't misspell anything. I probably missed the A but its a 1 credit hour course so it won't affect me a lot.

I could have thrown half the test in the trash and still gotten a B out of it though. The grade won't be announced until all of the other courses end but I'm prety sure I'm off to a 3.28 GPA. I'll get an A in Chemistry for sure and thats 5 of the 18 credit hours, and I'll B everything else.
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92 0n the first test. Unfortunately I let my lab partner turn in *our* lab report and he didn't write down the answers we agreed on, and we only got an 80 on it. Won't work with that idiot again. I work with someone else now and I turn in the lab reports. At least now I work with an idiot who knows she is an idiot and just lets me do everything knowing she gets a free A out of it.

I don't have the results of the two labs and one test that have happened since, but I'm confident about them. I think I can pull Chemistry back up to an A. As much as that B irritates me, it's still a B, and not a disaster.

I'm getting an A in the AG lab, and a solid B in everything else. My GPA as it presently stands is a 3.05 but if I fix chemistry it will be back to a 3.33.

Which means I'm possibly good enough to handle vet school - but probably not good enough to get in.
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Anatomy & Physiology, cell structure. There were four perfect scores and a 96. I got a 92. Thats an A- at Pierce.

That means I missed four questions out of 50. I'm pretty sure what I missed were on Hyline Vs. Flexible Cartilige, and two slides where the objective was set too low for me to accurately determine what I was looking at.

There were scores down in the 50's on this test.

This class has a mix of pre-vet and RVT students. All five of those who scored better than I did are pre-vet. I'm the best RVT student in the class.
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"Such clumping of cells suggests rather stagnant flow, as was probably the case in this postmortem tissue"

Blood does not flow in dead people!


Feb. 17th, 2006 01:38 pm
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The sort of work I will eventually be doing.
The cat actually fully recovered!
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Is a killer on this schedule. I have to be on the 6:15 bus to get here and after 8 hours of classes catch a 1 hour metro bus to Burbank. Then I have to catch the very last train out of Burbank home at 9:46 PM. The local Santa Clarita buses make no effort to follow their schedules, so I don't wait for the local bus to take me home the rest of the way. I get home at about 10:30, and have to go to bed immediately in order to get up the next morning for the next days classes.
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Apparently my VMI diploma is good for more than I thought it was, despite it being 26 years old. It's now confirmed I CAN do this in three semesters.

What surprised me when I first got here is that there were two guys who looked like Ben & Jerry handing out anti war protest literature. They looked old enough I was tempted to ask if they had been standing in the same place doing the same thing in 1967. I told them I was for the war, but against the troops. They looked confused.

Different stuff transferred than what I thought, but I wound up with a similar amount of overall credit. As it now stands my first semester will be 17 credit hours, provided I get into all the standby classes. General education classes are pretty much covered except for one health class. I'll try and fit into that slot that opened up when I dropped the algebra class I don't need.

They also want me to take a computer science class but I can probably show them the transcript from UOP and get out of that. Its possible I can do this in three semesters without having to go to summer and winter short sessions as I had planned.

Sitting here waiting for a cafe terminal to open up taught me a good bit about what the average 20 year old looks at on the internet. I was surprised at how popular seems to be. All the rage, from the looks of it. Lots of music sites, and girls looked at clothing store stuff.
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