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This is where [ profile] ruggels and I were on Sunday night. At one time I was a regular but economics and job schedules have kept me away froom this for over a year. I finally made it to one.

Cicada Club

Jul. 2nd, 2007 01:45 pm
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July 1st I went to the Cicada Club and took [ profile] ruggels along again. The lighting inside was far too low to take any motion pictures and most of what I wanted to get still shots of was too far away to use the flash, but he covered the event fairly well.

The dance floor for this event was far too packed for anyone to get on it that didn't know what they were doing. With Swing dancing impacts with other dancers can be painful as you are moving too fast. I was too long out of circulation to remember how to dance for this one, but once again there were unattached women looking for dance partners. They did ask "lj user="ruggels"> first every time. He's lost weight and I look old now.

P.S. I gave him the hat I'm wearing in this icon, whcih you can tell from the picture is a full size too large for me.
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I haven't been to one of these in two years, my last being the Spring ball of 2005. I finally made my reappearance last night.

(I haven't uploaded pictures in awhile, or ever stuck youtube video in an LJ post, so I don't know how much this slows down other people. Do I need to put stuff like this behind an LJ cut tag or not? Please tell me.)

I was still talking about my horrific experience at the bad vet clinic on Friday. At one point I think I compared the doctor to the Marquis De Sade...

This attracted the attention of Marie Antoanette, who for some reason was at an 1890 themed Victorian dance event.

She actually turned out to be a pretty good dancer. Story was that she is a professional actress who had been hired to play this character at a Barmitzfah (!!!) and came to our event afterwards.

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I finally found myself in one of these pictures. Thats me in the bottom right corner.

And yes, thats my dance partner in the blue dress. I'm looking at the dance card in this picture to see whats coming up next.

This was the last one of these I went to before I took a two year break. This upcoming weekend I finally make a reappearance.
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I only went to this event once, in 2004. I'm really looking forward to attending it in 2007.

It has some special significance for me because of the perfect timing of the event - it begins August 2, which is the same day I finish my RVT degree. Its a good weay to mark the transition.

Hard to believe its actually down to about 15 weeks.
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I missed this event last year as it occurred within two weeks of a rather traumatic event.

As I had hoped, it is taking place again this year, and conveniently immediately following finals for my first semester. It will herald my return to a rasonably normal life.
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But if I'm lucky, I won't actually make it to this. Hopefully I will be busy working.

And I already have my ticket to it, like theone I got for the Avalon ball, bought long ago....


Oct. 23rd, 2005 04:51 am
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I was just transferring my saved mailblocks mail and I discovered that apparently right after the Avalon ball that year, I bought not only a ticket for this year but the boat ticket as well. Had I known I had already spent the entire $90 I would have made an effort to get there anyway.

Probably good I didn't find out until five hours after the event was over.
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Last year was just too much fun, and I've been, well, out of things since May 25.

This event will mark the end of the "Dark Time" and I'll try to get myself scheduled to start work again on the 24th. Meantime I have some final DMV issues to resolve this week and maybe sell a bunch of stuff more on Ebay while I still have the free time.

[ profile] martes is going to Conifur by herself this year as it happens to be the same weekend as this event, plus this way I'll be able to watch the house over the 7 days of her trip as I'll only be gone the one day.

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John O'Hurley DIDN'T WIN.
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It's the 93rd aniversary of the sinking, and the mailing list is just as dead. Also, the chat channel where the sinking is re-enacted in real time has nobody in it but me.

I guess the effect of the movie has finally worn off.

The Aviator

Jan. 7th, 2005 04:46 pm
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I'll have to go see it again since I missed a good 20 minute chunk of it (see [ profile] martes) but what I saw was very good indeed. Best part for me were the nightclub scenes, in 1927, 1930, 1936 and 1944, each with dead on accurate clothing and music. I even started singing along at one point and Roz had to stop me.

Imagine that same nightclub in about 1/5 scale, and you will know what the Argyle club used to be like.

None of the people who currently perform this stuff were used in the movie, apparently they are not hollywood grade, so I don't know any of the bands involved. I wish I was still available to do movie extra work, as I would have loved to be in those scenes, and could even have been a dress extra, as I have all the stuff. Oh well.
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