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I read somewhere recently that the Iphone was blocking the google voice app went silent, and in researching why I discovered that was no longer directing email to it..  Iit is no longer possible to configure your email servers independently of the web servers unless hosts the domain on thier own system.

Of course, no advance warning of this - they just started bouncing email.
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I can't post this in a comment apparently - it has to be its own post, so here it is:

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Apparently are intended for people who are in front of a computer ALL DAY. They seem to be set up to require about 5 minutes of interaction every hour or so like the "Tamagucci" games (or however that was spelled). If you can only log on once or twice a day you usually just see the wreckage from stuff that happened when you couldn't get to the computer, and in the case of "AstroEmpires" I even got booted out of a guild for not advancing fast enough.

Not like I got the time to play those anyway.
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My original 805 area code telephone number to my first cell phone dates from 1993, back in the era of L.A. Cellular, where it was first created. It was then moved to ATT when they bought out the service.

I moved it for the first time myself when I transferred to T-Mobile when ATT started charging too much. Then for awhile I had no cell phone at all, and that number moved to Vonage, where its been since 2002.

Well, I'm cutting back on services, so Vonage was just taken out. To my surprise I was able to move my number yet again to Net10, where it will soon live on one of those pay as you go cell phones. I'm really surprised that worked, especially them mailing me a new sim card to enable it for free. On one of these. So I will still have that number. Conveniently I never got around to memorising the old one.
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Friend of mine who really needed a working computer just had one of his two systems finally die of old age. Since [ profile] ruggels needs a second computer more than I need a fourth one, I built another "Frankenstein" machine. Essentially I took the last computer in this house that I actually built from scratch myself, and refurbished it with parts from the dead system to make the best possible PC I could from the best pieces of both.

AND AS IT FIGURES- immediately after doing that the other older PC failed. We are now down to 2 in a house that at one time had as many as seven.

I'll still try and get "lj user="martes"> old system to come back to life long enough to get the data out of it, but it was a bargain basement 2004 era Frys "great quality" special, and we got our moneys worth out of it.
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Time was I spent every minute I was on the internet playing ‘Second life”. Well, the game finally lost its attraction and I’ve left it behind. I am now re-discovering the rest of the internet, including the social networking sites that have emerged while I wasn’t paying attention.

1. LinkedIn: This seems to be the only professional networking site I can find. Nothing entertainment related on it at all, it is intended purely to maintain professional contacts. So far I am impressed, I now have contacts at USDA and the state vet board and I’ve only been on it a week or so. This is probably in part due to the fact I have an actual veterinary license at this point, setting me apart from the untrained teenage girls you find in just about every vet clinic. This site looks like it will be very useful professionally. I’m actually going to put my linkedin address on my business card.
2. Facebook: About a month ago all of my vintage music & dance friends made a mass exodus from Myspace for Facebook. Facebook is cleaner and simpler to use, but for some bizarre reason it only comes up in one resolution optimized for an 800x600 screen. The 14 year old monitors I just threw out did 1024x768!. It does seem to be the premier social networking site for events & social contact though.
3. Myspace: Still best for bands, it seems to have been supplanted by Facebook for everything else.
4. Friendster: This site was in serious decline before I ever got an account on it, and seems to be pretty much dead. The only contacts I have on it are completists who also have accounts on everything else mentioned in this post.
5. Plaxo Pulse: A late entry to the social networking field, plaxo used to be a great site for keeping your outlook address book synchronized between various computers until they decided they wanted to be facebook. They suck at it, and I use Google for mail now anyway which is all web based so there is nothing to sync.
6. Seems to be oriented towards local events, but with a lot of adverts and a clunky interface. Haven’t found anybody I know on it that isn’t on all the other ones, like friendster.
7. Gaia Online: Seems to be for children. I got an account on this when someone signed up using my hotmail address to avoid spam I suppose. I suddenly got invited to a lot of events for Canadian teenagers.
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Essentially I just deliberately crippled this computer so it couldn't play online games anymore, at least not very well.

Since I had today off, one of the things I did was take the computer I normally use and the one [ profile] martes normally uses and swap some parts around.

Both of these are bargain Frys basic models. Hers is a little newer as its a 1.5 GHz and this one is a 1.2. Both came with 128 megs of ram and had been upgraded with an additional 1 gig dimm so they would actually WORK.

Hers had some off brand "BTC" CD drive in it that was essentially an unreliable piece of crap, so today I swapped the CD-ROM drives in both of them along with moving both the 1gig DIMM's to hers.

Result is that the 1.5 machine, now with 2 gigs of ram, actually runs pretty well. It even runs secondlife reasonably well, but more importantly, Photoshop should be smoother.

THIS machine, on the other hand, with its now pathetic 256 megs of ram, can't run SL or Photoshop for shit, but that was intentional. I don't need Photoshop, and it actually helps to be on a system that can't run SL as it keeps me from drifting off from stuff I'm supposed to be doing like getting ready for tests. Everything else still works, even youtube.
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I just re-installed flock, and I noticed the new version of it incorporates links to a whole bunch of related blogging & networking sites.

Then I updated Plaxo, and noticed that it does the same thing - and will even cross synchronise all of my dates with MSN, Google & Yahoo (well recurring appointments don't work on MSN, but they never really did, its Microsoft)

Seems like all these independent websites are synchronising with each other.

Then they will all merge

Them it will all be owned by Microsoft.

At least I don't have to worry about privacy issues - once Microsoft owns it all it will cease working.
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I figured out how to tune our Sirius radio account on the regular house sterio via the Roku. Earlier I found out how to get Kroq on it. So Now [ profile] martes has a reason to use my geeky toys.
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My account was showing as having been inactive for 124 weeks. I guess you can blame SL for that. My account date is 2002 and I guess that makes me one of the deviant art serious old timers. I'm just glad they didn't delete it. Naturally, I'm "custer".

I had five people listed as "deviations" though that doesn't really equate to a friends list like LJ has. No memory of who they were or why I was watching their stuff, which looked rather boring. Perhaps they added me somehow, I don't know.

So I deleted all that and added the only two people I currently know who are in there, Tracy Butler & Thornwolf.

and [ profile] ruggels is right, its a truly arcane navigation system.
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Some people think the South Korean mouse leader looks like Tim Fay.

Tim Fay was never this cool.

Not even close.

Karl Reisman commands the US forces from inside a robotic whale off the coast of Korea.

The cute fuzzy North Koreans have no chance. Now I need a weasel avatar, dammit.
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Since I still have three TiVo's here, originally gotten for the purpose of recording competing TV shows, I figured I would give it another go. Turns out "Greys Anatomy" is actually pretty good - I'll give "scrubs" a look too - all three shows are on at the same time, and with my current schedule allof them are on after I'm usually about ready to goto bed anyway.
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Neighbor threw out another monitor. Once again, better than one of the ones I was using. Not the super nice sony I got the first time, but still a perfectly usable CRT tossed out by some person richer than I am upgrading to flat panels.
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Sort of feels odd. Been sitting at home watching the rain, cleaning house & such. So drinking a lot ot tea as opposed to Coffee, which is better for me anyway really.

[ profile] martes Sirius radio is starting to show signs of hard use, and it something of a trick to operate. We decided on the way back from FC that we needed to replace it.

And so I made two discoveries, first that Sirius has a perfectly acceptable basic model on sale for $20. The second was that anyone with a sirius account can now tune the Howard Stern channel over an internet connection as well as over the radio.

Originally this was not the case - only certain generic stations were tunable over the internet, and so I had pretty much forgotten that feature as being useless. But now you CAN tune Howard 100 & 101 over the computer. This means the new satellite radio won't be subject to the abuse the other one had as once its mounted in the car it can stay there.
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Got more of Charlies thyroid medicine.

[ profile] martes car has new tires and brakes, and so is ready for the trip.

She should be home with the remaining components to make up the new book. We finished printing all of the interiors to it a few days ago. The other books arrived from the printers a few days ago too, and look really good.

Got the dealers license at the state BOE, which was an event in and of itself. However, that is now done, and the new license is good for every further confusion in the future, as well as Califur or SDCC if we go to and sell at those as well. I don't think we currently have plans to however.

Spent most of today trying to get [ profile] ruggels Kellogg wall phone to work. Its not a breakfast cerial phone - Kellogg was the original name of GTE before WW2. The transmitter does not seem to work even though extensive testing shows all the wiring to be correct. I then took the only other 100 year old wall phone in my collection, this one being a Western Electric model with far simpler wiring, and did the modification to that one.

And got the exact same results. I've come to the conclusion this phone IS wired correctly, and there just isn't enough power in my line to make the transmitter work. It will ring, and the receiver works in both cases, but no matter how much you shout into the transmitter it does not seem to be audible. I spent a lot of time converting candlestick phones to modern use but never really played around with the big oak wall phones as there really isn't any place in my house to set one up. But I'm pretty sure I go this right, if the circuit was wrong the rest of it would not function.

Gotta love Boomerang & Tivo. Only 30 Top Cat episodes were made, and I already got 25 of them recorded.
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Oneof the neighbors must have gotten a flatscreen monitor, as they set a 15" sylvania CRT out on the curb. Looks relatively new - unfortunately there was a period of rain that got on it. I'm going to let it dry out overnight and see if it still works tomorrow - if its still functional, it will most likely be better than 4 of the 5 standard monitors I'm presently using here.
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Ah late night television on TCM

This was a one reel short from 1930, a 22 minute musical with a really thin plot about Satans assistant going up to recruit more people for Hell. Had a predictable corny plot, bad acting and a very poorly choreographed dance number.

What I found most interesting was Satan going over the list of the newly deceased, and seeing a name "from Chicago" and saying "oh no! we don't want him down here!" to which the assistant replied "Oh no, hes going above!"

Even Hollywood was afraid of Al Capone.
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Yesterday I had detailed plans for cleaning my entire house - which were postponed when I got a series of phone calls that started at 9:30 in the morning and lasted past 5PM. [ profile] martes used to say I didn't spend enough time on the phone (since I have a big phone collection) Now perhaps I talk on it a bit too much.

This week and next week anyway - after that I won't be home very often. School starts back up 5 days a week, starting 10 days from now.

EDIT - Appaarently Pocket LJ doesn't work propery with the recent changes - while that uploaded OK,it sat in here as a draft until I noticed it almost a half month later.
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My HP4190 may no longer be state of the art, and my 3rd party keyboard for it no longer has a driver available, but its good enough for a college student. Actually the computer lab here is pretty good, so I will only need this during time when I'm waiting for a bus or maybe in Health 11, a deadly dull graduation requirement I have during the afternoon during summer 2.

Pocket LJ does not support the tags system, so I suppose I will be editing all of these posts after I upload them too. But still, its convenient to have this, It will definitely get me more active on LJ again.


May. 15th, 2006 11:13 am
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Since I am amazingly undistracted between study chapters, I've been rediscovering that there was actually more to the internet than one single simulator program. I got back on Flickr and Used my monthly space allocation up.. A lot of what I uploaded were SL pictures though.
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